Property Management

property management
Quality bin cleaning and management for you and your clients.

Some of the biggest property management companies in the UK choose Binco to offer a seamless bin cleaning and management service.

Binco understand the needs of property professionals; introducing a regular Binco service creates a highly visual demonstration to clients of quality property management.

Binco will provide the regular audits of bin condition that many property professionals do not have time to complete. After every clean, we will provide an exception report highlighting any issues with broken or overflowing bins to the site property manager – and recommend changes in the frequency of cleaning when appropriate.

At Binco, we’re part of your team. We’ll provide you with any management information you require.

And there are other, less tangible benefits to working with us. Property managers report that working with Binco has led to less complaints from clients on issues other than bin cleaning – as the visible presence of expensive, efficient equipment on site on a regular basis increases the perception that management fees are of good value.
How can Binco help you?