Binco and the Environment


At Binco we understand that environmental concerns are key to the success of our company.

We strive to maintain the relevance of those issues when considering any developments in our business.

Our Mission is to minimalise the environmental impact of our activity by:

  • Cleaning on site rather than off site
  • Running a fleet of modern vehicles that can run the Binco process using appropriate fuels, including bio-fuels
  • Recycling energy via advanced exhaust systems and solar panels
Our environmental policy:

  • We use the minimum quantity of water that we are able to during the wash cycle
  • We use customised cleaning vehicles which radically reduce the chance of causing pollution
  • We recycle our water throughout the day by passing it through a series of filters
  • We use the minimum amount of detergents – and only bio-degradable products approved by the Environment Agency
  • We do not allow any waste water to pass into surface water drainage systems
  • All water used in the wash cycle is discharged at an agreed foul sewer connection as agreed with the local water authority
  • All contaminated materials and waste are removed and disposed of in accordance with The Environment Agency guidelines
  • For more information, see the Environment Agency website
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